10 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform for Beginners

10 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform for Beginners
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  • Post published:July 20, 2022
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10 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform for Beginners

In the digital age, it’s never been easier to share your thoughts and opinions with a wide audience. Whether you’re looking to stand out in your field and build your personal brand, or simply just have somewhere to vent about what annoys you on a daily basis, starting a blog is a great idea. In fact, according to Pew Research, more than half of all adult internet users in the United States now have their own blog. But with so many different blogging platforms out there, which one should you choose? There are plenty of worthwhile options out there for anyone looking to get started in the world of blogging. However, if you’re still beginning your journey as an amateur blogger, we recommend using WordPress as your primary platform. Here are 10 excellent reasons why you should use WordPress if you’re new to blogging:

WordPress is free and easy to use

The most important thing to consider when choosing a blogging platform is how easy it will be to use. If it’s too complicated, even the best content in the world will fall on deaf ears. Similarly, if it’s too basic and simplistic, you won’t be able to create anything close to professional-level content. The good news is that WordPress is one of the most user-friendly blogging platforms in the world. It’s a free service, too, which is great for anyone who’s just starting out. Additionally, WordPress is easy to install and configure on your own server, which is great if you don’t want to rely on a hosting company.

WordPress has a ton of amazing features

Another fantastic reason to use WordPress is its plethora of great features. These include everything from built-in social media integration, to SEO optimization and even the ability to create eBooks and online courses. Furthermore, many of WordPress’s top-notch features are completely free. For example, you can use their free themes and templates to create an appealing design, and you don’t even have to have any design skills to do so. Plus, WordPress has an endless library of free widgets and plugins, with many more that are sold at affordable rates. These extra features allow you to create unique content, which is important if you’re hoping to stand out from the crowd.

WordPress is adaptable and responsive

Another benefit of using WordPress is its versatility. You can use WordPress to post original content on your own website, or you can use it to create a blog on one of the many available WordPress hosting sites. Furthermore, WordPress is fully responsive and can adapt to fit any screen size, making it a great option for posting content on your phone and tablet. This is especially useful for journalists and bloggers who are always on the go.

WordPress is extremely secure

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a blogging platform is its security. After all, no one wants to put their personal data at risk by using an unsecure website. Fortunately, WordPress is one of the most secure platforms on the internet. In fact, it powers roughly one-third of all websites, making it the world’s most popular blogging platform. WordPress is also fully secure, so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with software updates and patches.

WordPress has a massive community and tons of support

Another great reason to use WordPress is the support that you’ll receive from its massive community. There are thousands of WordPress forums and communities, as well as an endless number of coaches, experts and mentors who can help you succeed with your blog. The fact that there are so many other users out there using WordPress means that you’ll have access to a wealth of knowledge and advice. This is especially useful if you’re new to blogging and are looking to improve your content and overall quality.


In conclusion, there are many reasons why WordPress should be your go-to blogging platform. It’s free, incredibly easy to use and has a ton of amazing features. Furthermore, it’s adaptable and responsive, and it’s extremely secure. WordPress also has a massive community and tons of support, making it a great choice for anyone who’s just getting started. If you’re new to blogging, we highly recommend using WordPress as your primary platform.