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Aero WhatsApp Latest Version

Aero WhatsApp Latest Version, which is a mod version of the original App. A lot of users are converting to the present App, thanks to more features and additional satisfaction. This article will tell you all. So keep reading to find out more. You will not be an equivalent after reading this.

Now, the essence of communication isn’t complete without WhatsApp, which has become the prime application for messaging, file sharing, and voice note communication. Moreover, WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption for messaging.

All communication becomes more private and secure. Furthermore, message delivery ticks, which tell the message status, are also a feature that pulls more users. As a result, now, there are quite 40 million users of WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Aero APK?

Application by Turkish developer Bozkurt Hazzar, who is curious about coding with creativity. The developer took the WhatsApp version of FoudMakdadand polished it with perfection. This App is focused on theming and performance. All other features are equivalent because the FoudMakdad version of WhatsApp.

Version info

  • The App is called Aero WhatsApp APK or WhatsApp Aero.
  • The size of the setup is 68 MB.
  • The version name is 8.5.
  • The package is dual clone and unclone.
  • The App is an anti-ban App.

Features of Aero WhatsApp APK

All other mod versions of WhatsApp require uninstalling the original App. Also, This version can work as a secondary App. In that way, No need to worry about the WhatsApp authorities.

Here are all the features in detail.

Is Aero WhatsApp APK legal?

You cannot call it legal nor legal. But no need to worry by using this App. The WhatsApp team calls it illegal, but they don’t ban the accounts using it. Use it without being afraid of banning it.

Moreover, it’s not in the play store. Furthermore, some third-party websites charge a fee for downloading the app here you can download it free.

Aero themes

Aero Themes

The rich interface requires the selection of varied themes. The developer added more themes to FoudMakdad’s version and YoWhatsApp. Now, you have thousands of themes. So, you’ll choose your App creatively and aesthetically correctly. If we talk exact numbers, then you’ve got the selection to pick a topic from quite 3000 themes.

Home screen customization

It has a better home screen. That’s why the developer added a new feature to customize the home screen. There are 14 different styles available. All styles are given below.

  • WA-AERO (Default)
  • Telegram
  • WACA
  • WANH
  • NL Mods
  • Stock
  • Prime V1 to V6F

Extra Features

All the 95% features are below in points.

  • Do Not Disturb, DND mode.
  • The App has an increased limit of image sharing, which is up to 10 plus images in one message.
  • The limit increased, which allows you to send a video up to 100 MB.
  • Mod has Titanium backup functionality, which back-up your data automatically.
  • Enable or disable the proximity sensor.
  • You can switch earpiece output to speaker output and the other way around.
  • U can send high-quality and full-resolution images.
  • You can set a password to the App. And there’s also another function associated with it, which may be a security question.
  • You can hide any media from the gallery. It means you’ll secure your private picture, videos, and gifs.
  • The settings of the UI are different from the original App.
  • You can disable forward messages.
  • put anti-delete to statuses and messages.
  • select who can call you.
  • hide blue tick, single tick, and double ticks.
  • change font styles.
  • You can customize the conversation screen.
  • Emoji variants are available. Also, you can add Facebook emojis to your conversation.
  • The App has an auto-reply function, which allows you to hurry up communication.
  • You can schedule messages for productivity.
  • You can add Instagram-style stories to your status.

How to install  WhatsApp Aero APK?

  • Need a computer, laptop, or tablet.
  • We need an internet connection.
  • Need an android cellphone.
  • The setup of the App.
  • A USB cord.

Last verdict

Aero WhatsApp is the best-modified version of the original App, which allows you to customize almost everything. The developer has put a sublime effort into making this App as a wonderful experience for users. You must try this App on your own responsibility because the developer can access your data from its server, contrary to the policy of the original gbWhatsApp.

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We have informed you well in this article. And you must decide best for your cellphone.

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