Best Way to Learn Nodejs | Easy Step By Step From Scratch

Best Way to Learn Nodejs
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Best Way to Learn Nodejs

Best Way to Learn Nodejs: Node.js is an open- source andcross-platform runtime terrain for executing JavaScript law outside a cybersurfer. You need to flash back that NodeJS isn’t a frame and it’s not a programming language. utmost people are confused and understand it’s a frame or a programming language. We frequently use Node.js for erecting back- end services like APIs like Web App or Mobile App. It’s used in product by large companies similar as Paypal, Uber, Netflix, Walmart, and so on.

Best Way to Learn Nodejs

Features of NodeJS

There are other programming languages also which we can use to make back- end services so what makes Node.js different I’m going to explain.

  1. It’s easy to get started and can be used for prototyping and nimble development.
  2. It provides presto and largely scalable services.
  3. It uses JavaScript far and wide, so it’s easy for a JavaScript programmer to make back- end services using Node.js.
  4. Source law cleanser and harmonious.
  5. Large ecosystem for open source library.
  6. It has Asynchronous or Non-blocking nature.

Advantages of NodeJS

Here are the benefits of using Node.js

  1. Easy Scalability: Developers prefer to useNode.js because it’s fluently spanning the operation in both vertical and perpendicular directions. We can also add redundant coffers during the scalability of the operation.
  2. Real- time web apps: If you’re erecting a web app you can also use PHP, and it’ll take the same quantum of time when you use Node.js, But if I’m talking about erecting converse apps or gaming apps Node.js is much further preferable because of faster synchronization. Also, the event circle avoids HTTP overfilled for Node.js development.
  3. Fast Suite: NodeJs runs on the V8 machine developed by Google. Event circle in NodeJs handles all asynchronous operation so NodeJs acts like a fast suite and all the operations can be done snappily like reading or writing in the database, network connection, or train system.
  4. Easy to learn and decode: NodeJs is easy to learn and law because it uses JavaScript. If you’re a front- end inventor and have a good grasp of JavaScript you can fluently learn and make the operation on NodeJS.
  5. Advantage of Caching: It provides the hiding of a single module. Whenever there’s any request for the first module, it gets cached in the operation memory, so you do not need tore-execute the law.
  6. Data Streaming: In NodeJs HTTP request and response are considered as two separate events. They’re data sluice so when you reuse a train at the time of lading it’ll reduce the overall time and will make it briskly when the data is presented in the form of transmissions. It also allows you to sluice audio and videotape lines at lightning speed.
  7. Hosting: PaaS( Platform as a Service) and Heroku are the hosting platforms for NodeJS operation deployment which is easy to use without facing any issue.
  8. Commercial Support: Utmost of the well- known companies like Walmart, Paypal, Microsoft, Yahoo are using NodeJS for erecting the operations. NodeJS uses JavaScript, so utmost of the companies are combining frontal- end and backend brigades together into a single unit.

Application of NodeJS

NodeJS should be preferred to build

  • Real-Time Chats,
  • Complex Single-Page applications,
  • Real-time collaboration tools,
  • Streaming apps
  • JSON APIs based application

NodeJs Use Cases

NodeJs Use Cases

How to Install NodeJs

Using Website

1. You can visit the link Download Node and download LTS version.

2. After installing the node you can check your node version in command prompt using command…

node --version

3. After that, you can just create a folder firstapp and add a file here for example app.js. To run this file you need to execute command…

cd firstapp
node app.js

4. Node Modules: There are some built-in modules that you can use to create your applications. Some popular modules are- OS, fs, events, HTTP, URL and then you can include these modules in your file using these lines.

var fs = require('fs');

5. Here is an example of how to include an HTTP module to build the server…

var http = require('http');

// Create a server object:
http.createServer(function (req, res) {

    // Write a response to the client

    // End the response  

// The server object listens on port 8080

This will listen to the server on port 8080. Once you will run your file in command prompt it will execute your file and listen to the server on this port. You can also create your own module and include it in your file. 

Using NPM

NPM is a Node Package Manager that provides packages to download and use. It contains all the files and modules that you require in your application. To install any package you need to execute a command…

npm install 

This is an example of using the Events module.

var events = require('events');
var eventEmitter = new events.EventEmitter();

// Create an event handler:
var myEventHandler = function () {
    console.log('Welcome to GeekyExpert');

// Assign the event handler to an event:
eventEmitter.on('geeky', myEventHandler);

// Fire the 'Geeky' event:

So this is how you can start with node and build your own applications. There are some frameworks of the node which you can use to build your applications. Some popular frameworks of node are…Express.js,, Koa.js, Meteor.js, Sail.js.

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