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NodeJs is an open- source andcross-platform runtime terrain erected on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript machine for executing JavaScript law outside of a cybersurfer. You need to recollect that NodeJS is n’t a frame, and it’s not a programing language. It provides an event- driven,non-blocking( asynchronous) I/ O andcross-platform runtime terrain for erecting largely scalable garçon- side operations using JavaScript.


Utmost people are confused and understand it’s a frame or a programing language. We frequently use Node.js for erecting back- end services like APIs, Web App, or Mobile App. It’s employed in product by large companies like Paypal, Uber, Netflix, Walmart,etc.

Why to learn NodeJS?

  1. Easy Scalability
  2. Real time web apps
  3. Fast Suite
  4. Easy to learn and code
  5. Advantage of Caching
  6. Data Streaming
  7. Hosting
  8. Corporate Support


// Node.js program to display some
// text on consle screen 
// Accessing console module 
const console = require('console');
// Calling method"Welcome to GeekyExpert");

Steps to Run

First, Download NodeJs and Install them in your system, and then use the following command to run your code.

node geeky.js


The output will display on the console screen.

Welcome to GeekyExpert

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